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AES Conference Updates

My apologies for the nine month hiatus. School has been keeping me busy. I'll try to post some cool interesting things over the next month, starting with crazy stuff from AES.

Too much went on during AES to list it all in one post. For those who have never been to the AES conference, it's basically a gathering of all the people who matter in the audio industry. The biggest names in microphones, software developers, hardware, and anyone else you can think of gather for four days of sheer madness. Lots of workshops, technical presentations, and an auditorium full of companies showing off their latest and greatest products. It's definitely something worth going to at least once in your life.

Some things that struck my fancy:

  • Pro Tools 9 is out. Finally, hardware freedom (sort of) and automatic delay compensation
  • The new MBoxes look killer. Complete with aluminum cases and onboard DSP. No more routing a microphone through an aux bus before an audio track so you can compress vocals.
  • Izotope. New plugins. 'nuff said.
  • Digital Microphones
  • Wave Field Synthesis
  • Consumer Audio Format Debates
  • Lots more!
Some of these will get individual posts, and some other topics that I haven't mentioned will get some posts. These are just the biggest ones that stick out in my mind.

To everyone who was at AES - what did you think? What were your favorite parts? What would you like to see more information about?


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